Drooble, the place where musicians listen to one another!

I’ve found a really cool place where musicians, as a community, exchange their talents and experiences with one another. A place SOOO cool for all musicians where most social networks lacks in their services and offerings. It ain’t new, but it’s in its early stages and waiting for all of us to join in.

That place is Drooble.com, a social network pretty much like Facebook, where producers, audio engineers, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, flutists or any other instrumentalist, share their talents and experiences and get rewarded with constructive comments and karma.

Facebook is a great social network for friendship and as a news feed, but as an audiophile, I like to listen to music. And as a musician, I like to listen to other musicians. And Facebook lacks TOTALLY regarding audio. As a musician or band, the only way to share audio on Facebook is through a video…

And a cool feature of Drooble is its radio. You upload your tunes on your musician account or your artist page, and once it is approved, it gets its way to the radio depending of the listeners filters and taste.

Regarding other social networks for bands and musicians, I’ve tried ReverbNation for example, but if you’re not commercially ready for publication on online streaming services but have some demos ready to be tested or is trying to join a comunity of fellow musicians, then Drooble is initially, double down, the place for you.

As I’m writing this, there is about 50 000 artists registered on Drooble and about 30 000 songs, and personally, I think that its potential is SO HUGE, that it is too good to be passed by. Not as a early adopter of a new site, but as a young karmist to be grown and a beginner in the audio engineering world. And also, the great community it represents and the awesome interface it offers, it is too good to not sign up.

So meet me there on Drooble.com! Citadin 5 has its page and I’m looking forward to listen to your recordings, as good or bad as they sound, as long that melody meets my ears!